Cyber Defense and Data Integrity

Although the concept of Zero Trust Architecture was introduced several years ago by John Kindervag, VP for Forrester Research, based on the principal of “Never Trust, Always Verify”, it has only recently been gaining popularity in wake of growing cyber-attacksThe National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) defines cyber-security standards, one of which is SP 800-207 “Zero Trust Architecture

GreenTec’s Zero Trust Storage™ technologies are used by the NIST National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) SP 1800-25 and SP 1800-11 for “Data Integrity and Protection from Ransomware and other Destructive Events”.  GreenTec was also selected to participate in other NIST projects including SP 1800-10 for “Protecting Information and System Integrity in Industrial Control System Environments”.

The Zero Trust objective is to put controls in place as close to the Protect Surface as possible, creating a microperimeter to protect it, which is enforced within Zero Trust Storage™ (ZTS) to continuously protect sensitive data and automatically defend from attacks and unauthorized access.

Zero Trust Storage™, automatically defends critical “Protect Surfaces” containing your valuable data, with a secure microperimeter surrounding data files, and repositories. This technology is simple to use and is available as a service scaling across the enterprise in the Cloud, as a private or public Web Service, or it may be provisioned from SAN/NAS on-prem appliances, individual disk devices, USB thumb drives, and microSD devices.

Zero Trust Storage™ simplifies secure remote teleworking for small, medium and large enterprises, maintaining security, trust and confidence in your data with legacy or Cloud apps in AWS, Azure, Google or other service providers with no hidden download fees. A key advantage is that all of the storage devices are customer-owned and controlled with access from any device or app. Remote monitoring and alerting controls and identifies data access, capacity, protection status, retention periods and audit logs. 

Encryption only protects from data disclosure. With conventional storage, just because data is encrypted it can still be deleted, re-formatted or re-encrypted by Ransomware causing major data loss.  Whereas, GreenTec’s Zero Trust Storage™ (ZTS) protects from disclosure and also from deletion, modification, or Ransomware with automatic self protecting patented data technologies, and are the secure storage used by the NIST NCCoE for Data Integrity Ransomware Protection.

Never Lose Your Data  ForceField™ Zero Trust Storage™ automatically “locks down” and protects data, at the hardware-level as it is written.   No need to wait for a file to be closed since each data block is protected “on the fly” as it is written, even if your system crashes, or if power is lost.

When firewalls are breached, or when viruses attack, or when disgruntled employees or human errors attempt to modify or delete your data, ZTS™ automatically provides your last line of defense, and are now certified by Chain Security Analytics to reduce data and system risk.   Read More…The Last Line of Defense. 

Watch ABC 7 News on how GreenTec cyber-defense technologies prevent Ransomware and data sabotage, eavesdropping, modification or deletion.   Self protecting ZTS™ provides a strong cyber-defense automatically and continuously.

  • Survivable Data – At any time your data, files, cryptocurrency wallets, blockchain ledgers and other content might be manipulated, changed, deleted or attacked by Ransomware.  Zero Trust Storage™ provides the last ditch defense to defeat cyber-terrorists and ensure Data Integrity (see NIST SP 1800-25 & SP 1800-11 Data Integrity Projects).  When attacks try to write, change, delete, modify or reformat your data, the controls in ZTD Storage abort the attempt and data survives the attack.  RansomWare and other  attacks are unable to encrypt and hold your data hostage, thereby keeping your data trusted and safe.
  • Survivable Systems –  Viruses will destroy boot disk Master Boot Records (MBRs) making your systems unbootable, like the Sony attack.  With ZTS™, when cyber-attacks attempt to overwrite the MBR, the write is aborted and systems survive, keeping them systems trusted.
  • Defensible Evidence –  Simplifies chain-of-custody for digital evidence since data cannot be changed by anyone.  Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) compliant (GreenTec-USA CJIS Compliance Whitepaper), deliver original unalterable evidence in court.
  • Permanent Records Retention –  Rapidly search and manage online and archive media.  Provides long-term preservation of digital records and retention for documents, PDF, images, video, audio and all other data file types.  Easily define retention periods with automated pop-up message and email notification, automated destruction certificates and audit logging.  An excellent replacement for phased out Optical Discs.
  • Simplified and Inexpensive Compliance – Standard applications simply write data to ZTS™ for compliance with HIPAA, DCAA, NIST, FINRA, CJIS, SEC 17a, DOD 5015-2, Dodd-Frank, CapStone, California 2729 & Oregon 863-015-0260 real estate WORM records retention. For information on EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how ZTS prevents “accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or access to, personal data transmitted, stored”, refer to the highlighted sections in The Practical Guide to GDPR Compliance.
  • Safe record keeping – Document preservation, fraud prevention, content management systems, financial data, cryptocurrency wallets, blockchain ledgers, emails, video, audio, legal documents, files, critical data, election voting integrity, secure video surveillance, law enforcement and intelligence collections, secure audit log files, cyber-attack protection, data backups and other secure data needs.

Reduce your data risks by implementing simple steps as outlined in this Whitepaper Cyber-Attack Risk Reduction Strategy (RRS)This describes how to permanently protect both your boot and data disks from similar attacks that crippled Sony and others.

GreenTec, along with Solutions Partners, have integrated Zero Trust Storage into applications such as content and document management systems, eDiscovery, video surveillance, data encryption, automated backup, permanent records retention, regulatory compliance, fraud prevention and financial transactions, and others.

We also offer scalable Edge Node Compute & Storage solutions ranging from small mobile high-performance compute nodes, and scaling up to mobile data centers used for video compression, data collection and analytics.

Additional information is available on the Secure Knowledge website.

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