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GreenTec provides full-service cyber-defense solution support including requirements analysis and planning, procurement, development, data migration, systems integration, penetration testing, system acceptance testing, operational deployment, training and full life-cycle support. Our web site security vulnerability auditing service provides a comprehensive threat analysis of web sites and networks, reducing risk in a cost-effective manner. Most of our staff carry high-level security clearances and are able to be deployed in highly classified environments.

Our experience integrating multiple vendor environments provides optimal cyber-defense and data integrity for your IT requirements.


Data Center & Secure Cloud Services

Secure data solutions for Private or Hybrid Clouds at your facility, or at a secure hosted facility including:

  • Own your storage devices give you total control
  • Determine who has access to your data
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Securely save & access files directly as your “D: drive”, or from a web browser from any device
  • Military-grade AES-256 bit encryption with multi-factor access
  • Automatically encrypts files as they are uploaded and decrypts when downloaded
  • Saves expensive download fees charged by cloud service providers
  • Eliminates dependencies on cloud service providers.
  • Access your data directly or from AWS, Azure, Google and others.
  • Trusted by the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE)

Automatic optimized solutions to cost-effectively get you way ahead of the curve for protection against cyber-attacks.


Application Development & Data Services

Custom security solution integration into your existing applications and workflow. We provide security risk analysis, immutable security solutions, software development, testing and deployment either as comprehensive turnkey solutions, or we will augment your existing team providing technical assistance as needed:

  • Security vulnerability assessments
  • Multi-platform development and support
  • Data migration, data validation and analytics
  • Security integration, certification and accreditation

GreenTec’s big-picture strategy focuses on security, scalability, cost savings, rapid deployment and operations efficiency.

Secure Cyber Solutions

Secure Private Customer owned and controlled Zero Trust Storage secures data for on-prem or hosted systems, and in private or hybrid AWS, Azure, Google and other cloud providers. Eliminates expensive data download costs. Implements simple browser-based web access with encryption/decryption protection from any device anywhere for financial transactions, video, digital evidence, permanent records, industrial control systems, voting machines and other secure data. Solves chain-of-custody issues. Provides the ability to deliver ORIGINAL DIGITAL DATA when needed for records retention or digital evidence in court.

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