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Ransomware Protection

The rash of Ransomware attacks by bad actors against our IT systems has grown dramatically, and time is of the essence to implement strong cyber-defenses from these perilous attacks.  Protecting vulnerable system components and critical data and mitigate cyber threats requires state-of-the art cyber-secure storage technologies to inhibit, endure, recover and restore from significant cyber events.  GreenTec’s Secure Storage is used by NIST projects for Ransomware protection:

NIST SP 1800-25 “Data Integrity: Identifying and Protecting Assets Against Ransomware and Other Destructive Events”

NIST SP 1800-11 “Data Integrity: Recovering from Ransomware and Other Destructive Events”

Encryption may protect from data disclosure, but it does not protect from Ransomware.  Encrypted files and data may be deleted and re-encrypted by Ransomware leaving you without access to your data.  It is critical to protect from sabotage, manipulation, deletion, re-formatting and viruses through the use of secure storage technologies.  Contact GreenTec to learn how simple it is to keep your data safe.

Secure Cyber Solutions

Secure Private Customer owned and controlled Zero Trust Storage secures data for on-prem or hosted systems, and in private or hybrid AWS, Azure, Google and other cloud providers. Eliminates expensive data download costs. Implements simple browser-based web access with encryption/decryption protection from any device anywhere for financial transactions, video, digital evidence, permanent records, industrial control systems, voting machines and other secure data. Solves chain-of-custody issues. Provides the ability to deliver ORIGINAL DIGITAL DATA when needed for records retention or digital evidence in court.

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