The GreenTec-USA (GreenTec) secure WORM Read-ONLY Hard Disk Drives (Write Once Read Many) prevent unauthorized data modification or deletion at the disk hardware-level.  WORMdisks™ provide a strong cyber-defense by protecting both the sensitive OS boot disk as well as data files from damage or deletion.  Cyber-attacks cannot modify data files or the Master Boot Record (MBR), disk partition information or firmware thereby protecting valuable data from deletion, modification, re-formatting or re-flashing and protecting your systems from viruses that would otherwise wipe out your data and your disks.  This Whitepaper Cyber-Attack Risk Reduction Strategy (RRS) describes easy steps to permanently protect both your boot disks and data disks from similar attacks that Sony and others have experienced.

WORMdisks™ are available in multiple capacities, use standard SATA interfaces and easily work with most computer systems.  Download the WORM Whitepaper here GreenTec WORM Whitepaper

GreenTec‘s rapidly deployable, scalable, resilient, energy-efficient, modular, re-configurable Cloud Blocks™ are perfect for secure Cloud applications using the same Processor Blocks™ & Storage Blocks™ for conventional data centers, mobile rugged pods, vehicle and airborne-based systems.  Our 

  • High-capacity, high-speed hardware-level protected WORMdisks™
  • Rapidly deployable integrated Cloud solutions
  • Integrated optimized software and hardware Cloud Blocks
  • Significant energy and cost reductions
  • Redundant processing, storage, networking and failover
  • Compliance with Presidential Executive Order 13423 to reduce greenhouse gases
  • Easy field-upgradeable modular technology refresh
  • Fast dynamically provisioned interchangeable Blocks grow your systems as your requirements change.

WORM Read-ONLY Disk Drives ensure that your sensitive data cannot be edited, altered, modified, deleted or re-formatted.  WORMdisks™ simplify compliance for HIPAA, DCAA, SEC and Dodd-Frank records retention regulations and provide safe content management systems for collections of corporate and financial data, emails, video, audio, legal documents, files and other critical data as well as secure video surveillance, law enforcement and intelligence collections, secure audit log files, cyber-attack protection and other secure data applications.  Our comprehensive WORMdisk™ Management Software keeps track of multiple WORM Storage Servers with thousands of WORMdisks™ and allows for user-initiated requests to move WORMdisks™ Online, Nearline, Offline or to be Warehoused for deep storage.  Our subsidiary GreenTec Media Inc tailors WORM solutions for media content providers.

GreenTec modular, re-configurable and scalable Cloud Blocks™ enable IT systems to scale as your needs change.  They are based on applied technology patents to provide secure energy-efficient expandable high-performance computing and integrated storage at drastically reduced price points. Our lightweight Blocks can be used as stand-alone computer systems, as individual servers, or as high performance compute and storage clusters with physical hardware provisioning on demand.  GreenTec’s  Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud WORMdisks™ simplify data storage needs and reduce cost allowing you to only pay for what you use.