GreenTec WORM Solutions have been integrated into partner applications to provide industry solutions for permanent data protection including:

CynorTec is a distributor of the patented CYBERdisk and WORMdisk technologies working with GreenTec-USA on next generation data integrity solutions.  Their unique relationships form the foundation for rapid deployment and global technical solutions and support for demanding military and commercial solutions for system and data defense.

OpenTexthas partnered with GreenTec to integrate WORM Solutions into their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to ingest multi-source content including email repositories, file systems, Sharepoint, social media and other sources for forensics and investigative and legal case purposes.  To provide auditability and defensibility of the data, a standalone offline web based application was developed that enables customers to access archived content once written from OpenText ECM to WORMdisks™.  Standard web browsers are used to read the standalone WORMdisk™ resident manifest, which describes the content of the WORMdisk™, the folder structure, metadata and the search terms used to create the protected content.  Users may select a folder and view the file content along with the relevant metadata to the physical file and the corresponding user, disk and database metadata.

Guidance Software has integrated WORMdisks™ into their Encase® Forensics eDiscovery and Digital Investigations suite of technology products for practitioners to conduct efficient, forensically-sound data collection and investigations using a repeatable and defensible process while delivering the investigative case content on defensible WORMdisk™ media.   This allows examiners to collect, process, search, analyze and produce immutable reports on non-modifiable hard disk drives to be delivered in court.

Encryptics is one of the leading encryption technologies and has integrated WORMdisks™ into their patented Trusted Peer-to-Peer Encryption™ platform and .SAFE technology to keep most file types secure as they are stored, opened and transferred.   Standard encryption methods using secure transfer protocols alone cannot protect data at rest or data in use.   Furthermore, simply by encrypting files does not prevent these files from being deleted, or from the disk being reformatted.   But by combining encryption with WORMdisk™ protection, this means that not only will the data be protected from unauthorized read access, but it is now also protected from accidental or intentional deletion.  This unique security and delivery model encrypts the data as soon as it is created, before a transfer takes place, so there is never a vulnerable point where a breach could occur.  This technology provides true Digital Rights Management (DRM) so information will remain secure as it rests on devices and servers and as it travels from one point to another along any transmission medium and as WORMdisks™ are physically transported.

Enterprise Backup Solutions

WORMdisks™ have been tested with the following enterprise backup solutions:

  • Symantec  Backup Exec
  • IBM  Tivoli Storage Manager
  • EMC  Networker
  • NovaStor  Backup Server
  • CloudBerry Cloud Storage

Integrio (formerly Spectrum Systems–Emtec Federal) is a GreenTec WORM Solutions Value Added Reseller for DoD, Intelligence, Civilian, Telecom and Commercial markets.   Spectrum collaborates with clients to effectively select, acquire, implement and support IT solutions that sustain and support their organizational missions, at the best value. The company has decades of experience, a strong portfolio of contract vehicles, and solid, established partnerships.

Chugach Information Technology (CITI) provides integrated WORM Solutions and Services and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chugach Government Solutions, the federal division of Chugach Alaska Corporation (Chugach). The capabilities of CITI include extensive experience in the areas of customer support, application development, network implementation, and systems support. CITI is also experienced in video teleconference and meeting support, communication support, asset management, and information assurance.

Modern Life Technical Solutions is a GreenTec partner providing WORM Solutions and Services to the West Coast for recording studios, post-production facilities, hospitals, telecommunications, hosted cloud facilities and other institutions.  Their clients include Skywalker Sound, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Industrial Light and Magic and others.

Orkan is a GreenTec solutions partner providing WORMdisk and CYBERdisk integrated solutions in Europe, Turkey and other countries.  Their hardware and software integration solutions provide rapid deployment for small, medium and large requirements.

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