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Secure Telework Shared Files with Easy Built-in Encryption

07 July 2022

GreenTec has announced the new ForceField Web server for small and home offices to provide secure access for working from home, at the office, or remotely.

ForceField™ Web provides your own secure private web server in a small footprint that you can put anyplace, including on the back of your computer monitor. ForceField™ Web lets you access to all of your data files, when you need them, from any web browser or device and may be shared with Windows, Linux, macOS users.

Use external secure ForceField™ disk drives and thumb drives, or let ForceField™ secure your data in the Cloud.  ForceField™ Web can automatically synchronize and securely backup your data to other private storage or into the Cloud.  ForceField™ devices are plug-and-play, connect and disconnect individual devices as needed.

Files saved may be automatically encrypted simply by providing a file userid and password.  The encryption keys themselves are also encrypted providing a two-factor authentication required to decrypt files (they key plus the file userid and password).  Key mirrors are created for additional safety.

Access to any of the ForceField™ devices requires users to be granted permission to “see” the device.  Additional file authentication enables authorized users to decrypt and see the contents of individual files.

ForceField™ audit logs are in CSV format so that may easily be imported into Excel or any SIEM system.

Secure Cyber Solutions

Secure Private Customer owned and controlled Zero Trust Storage secures data for on-prem or hosted systems, and in private or hybrid AWS, Azure, Google and other cloud providers. Eliminates expensive data download costs. Implements simple browser-based web access with encryption/decryption protection from any device anywhere for financial transactions, video, digital evidence, permanent records, industrial control systems, voting machines and other secure data. Solves chain-of-custody issues. Provides the ability to deliver ORIGINAL DIGITAL DATA when needed for records retention or digital evidence in court.

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