ForceField™ WFS (WORMdisk File System™)


ForceField WORMdisk File SYSTEM

May The Force be with You

ForceField™ is an easy new way of securing valuable data by simply saving it.  ForceField™ encrypts and “locks down” each data block as it is written so it is protected in milliseconds.  No need to wait for a file to be closed to protect it.

ForceField™ hardware-level protection cannot be bypassed since it is internal to each disk, at the lowest layer in the security stack, with the bits and bytes inside of the disk.  ForceField WFS™ works in conjunction with the hardware to ensure that every block of data can’t be sabotaged, disclosed, deleted or held hostage by Ransomware.  Every data block is AES 256 bit encrypted as it is written to prevent disclosure of your sensitive information.

Users may now select permanent or temporary protections for blocks, files, volumes and physical disks.  Protects from BOTH disclosure and from modification or deletion.  Supports Volume and File Passwords, AES 256 Block Encryption, and simplified key management with crypto-erase features.

The WORMdisk™ Storage Servers underlying ForceField WFS™ provide security protections that cannot be bypassed or circumvented regardless of Operating System or access permissions. 

These technologies have been validated by DISA and are in use by many federal, state and local governments in addition to banks, credit unions, brokerage firms, oil & gas, telecommunications, media content and other organizations.