Data integrity is the key objective of our technologies.  We ensure that your data remains in full regulatory compliance and protected from malicious and unauthorized access.

ForceField™ WORMdisk File System (WFS) – is the only technology that instantly protects each data block as it is written in real-time.

  • ForceField prevents BOTH disclosure AND sabotage, manipulation, deletion and Ransomware
  • The NIST Data Integrity standard SP 1800-11 for protection against Ransomware & other destructive events
  • DISA tested and validated, penetration tested by major government contractors
  • Self generated two-factor encryption keys simplify AES 256 bit encryption and key management

Typical ForceField use cases include:

  • Critical Data – Neutralizes Ransomware, data sabotage, manipulation, deletion.
  • Immutable Data – Important Documents, Files, Pictures, Video.
  • Backups and Archives – Safe and permanent, can’t be deleted or Randomwared.
  • eMail Repositories – eMail export & protect for records retention and compliance.
  • Secure Content Management Systems – immutable data known secure data baseline
  • “Gold Image” Systems and Data Content – Ensures binaries, executables, config and other data are pristine and trustable.
  • Financial Transactions – Permanent real-time records, transactions and attachments.
  • Voter Fraud Prevention – Every vote is immediately protected, prevents election meddling. High-speed I/O provides near instant secure voter recount.
  • Regulatory Compliance – FINRA, SEC 17a3-17a4, DoD 5015.2, NARA & OMB, HIPAA.
  • Firewall Audit Log Files – Firewall and router log entries are protected as they are created. Keeps hackers from deleting logs and covering their tracks.
  • Audit Logs – Physical security and computer access logs cannot be manipulated or deleted.
  • Secure Files – Documents, pictures, video, records and other important data files.
  • Permanent Records – Land, tax, business, historical and other records requiring retention.
  • Legal Documents – Contracts, immutable digital evidence and online court records.
  • Crypto-Currency – Keep wallets, journals, trading information safe and protected.

WORMdisks (Write Once Read Many) allow you to write sensitive data from standard applications and file formats with standard SATA, eSATA or USB interfaces for servers, workstations and laptops.  Both internal and external WORMdisks™ are available with high-speed data transfers up to 6Gbps and scale from 500GB up to multiple Petabytes. Your data is secure from unauthorized or accidental deletion or modification since WORM protected disks cannot be edited, changed, deleted, modified or re-formattedData stored on protected WORMdiskscannot be held hostage with RansomWare viruses.  Download the WORM brochure from here GreenTec WORM product description.   WORMdisks are an excellent choice to replace obsolete Optical Discs.

CYBERdisks protect your operating system boot disk from corruption cause by cyber-attacks against the Master Boot Record (MBR) and against the Partition Table on your boot disk.  Systems using CYBERdisk™ survive MBR attack viruses that have brought down systems around the world.

XTC-2200 Video Compressor™ – The XTC-2200 Portable Video Compressor™ is a compact, lightweight, mobile digital video and audio streaming and recording system designed to provide significant savings in wireless video transmission and back end storage costs for remote video surveillance applications.   Designed for minimized size, weight and power (SWaP), combined with High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) reduce bandwidth and power consumption, yielding significant operational cost savings, with excellent video quality.

Cloud Blocks™ – Modular Re-Configurable Scalable Processor Blocks™, Storage Blocks™, Video Blocks™ and Sensor Blocks™ provide integrated OS, Cloud Services, Virtualization and Remote Management on Cloud optimized energy-tuned hardware.  Rapidly deployment Blocks let you focus on the real job of making money for your business.  Technology refresh is a snap, simply loosen the thumbscrew, hot-swap a new Block, tighten the thumbscrew – and you’re up and running.

GMN WORM Storage Servers™ (WSS) – High-Performance Low-Energy High-Density scalable storage systems with up to 4 levels of data protection.  WSS systems operate either as local storage or networked SAN or NAS configurations and easily scale from terabytes to multiple petabytes.

GMP Series Mobile Cloud Pod – Rugged, rapidly deployable self-contained scalable solutions with processing nodes, storage nodes, video nodes, networking and power solutions.  Mobile pod sizes vary from 5U up to 20U per pod with wheels and handles to simplify mobility.