GreenTec provides full-service WORM solution support including requirements analysis, planning, procurement, development, data migration, systems integration, system acceptance testing, operational deployment, training and full life-cycle support.   Many of our staff carry high-level security clearances and are able to be deployed in highly classified environments.

Our experience integrating multiple vendor environments provides optimal cyber-defense and data integrity for your IT requirements along with maximum cost and power savings.

Data Center & Secure Cloud Services

Secure sensible cost-effective hardware and software for Private or Hybrid Cloud at your facility, or at a secure hosted facility including:

  • Optimized secure Cloud Services deployments
  • Secure mobile thin and thick client solutions
  • Requirements analysis and energy saving recommendations
  • Secure server and secure storage virtualization
  • ISO 14001 eco-friendly disposal of your old hardware
  • Exceeds EPA Energy-Star state-of-the-art for servers
  • Immediate compliance with Presidential Executive Order 13423.

Our two pronged approach encompasses both the physical aspect (server, storage and network) with optimized solutions to get you way ahead of the curve with real bottom line energy, time and cost savings.

Application Development & Data Services

Software development, testing and deployment with comprehensive turnkey solutions, or we will augment your existing team providing technical assistance as needed:

  • Linux Development and support including Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Ubuntu and others
  • Microsoft Cloud, Sharepoint, Exchange, SQL Server, and Enterprise Search
  • Web, JAVA, C++, Ruby on Rails, J2EE, .NET and others
  • Data base development for Oracle, SQL Server and others
  • HD video compression, transcode, render and streaming
  • Data migration, data validation and analytics
  • Security integration, certification and accreditation

GreenTec’s low-energy, big-picture strategy focuses on security, scalability, energy savings, rapid deployment and operations efficiency.

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