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GreenTec-USA, Inc.  (GreenTec is a pioneer in simplified cyber-defense, secure data, secure systems, and secure document storage, video compression, data center modularization and optimization.  Our unique secure ForceField™ and WORMdisk™ (Write Once Read Many) technologies provide data protection at the hardware level against unauthorized data modification, deletion, Ransomware, re-formatting, firmware viruses, insider threats, human error and other cyber-threats.    Data protection is at the lowest layer in the security stack, co-existing with the data, inside the disk drive hardware and is not an OS, software or appliance solution.  As such, it cannot be bypassed or compromised.

With more than 20 years experience, GreenTec’s has staff with high level security clearances with applications of data and systems security, architecture, implementation and high-availability operations for many commercial and Government installations.

Through our advanced patented and patent-pending technologies, our NIST and Government approved data integrity technologies protect systems & data from cyber-attacks and significantly reduce cost, size, weight and power (SWaP) with innovative solutions like ForceField WORM File System (WFS), WORMdisks, CYBERdisks, XTC-2200 Video Compressor and modular re-configurable, high-performance data center and mobile Processor and Storage Blocks.



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