WORMcloud™ – Control Your Data, Anywhere, Anytime.

Secure, Safe, Simple and Mobile – Create and access your data anywhere, anytime from your PC, laptop, or mobile devices.  You’re protected from Ransomware and from anyone manipulating, modifying, deleting or reformatting your data.

You own the data, you own the disks.  If you want the Original data disk, it can be delivered to you.  No expensive hidden data export costs.  Chain-of-custody issues are immediately solved.

Private or hybrid cloud options under your control.  WORMdisks™ may be hosted at your location, or as edge node storage to AWS, Azure or other cloud providers.  Know where your data lives, get your data anywhere, anytime, securely.



For private cloud applications, GreenTec modular, re-configurable Cloud Blocks provide an elastic, flexible, scalable, low-energy and easy to maintain form factor.  Blocks may be any combination of Processor Blocks™, Storage Blocks™, WORMdisk™ Blocks, Video GPU Blocks™ and FPGA Blocks™. 

Mix and match  Blocks of any type within the same chassis, allowing you to grow or shrink your system as your needs change.  Add Processor Blocks™ for additional CPUs,  add Storage Blocks™ to expand data storage, add WORMdisk™ Blocks when you need secure data protection.  The Modular Block design allows you to only pay for what you use.

GreenTec Blocks are interchangeable between cloud, data center, mobile, vehicle, aerial and other applications for maximum flexibility and easily transform from one configuration to another by swapping Blocks and re-configuring the hardware to adapt to your changing requirements for cloud, web, database, modeling, simulation, big data Hadoop, animation, scientific, cryptographic analysis, nuclear weapons simulation, space applications and supercomputing needs.